I always had the desire to find Sendai Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara’s direct students and learn from them. Because I never had the opportunity to meet him, I really wanted to learn straight from his students.

This is a lot harder than you can imagine, and finding them in different dojos across Japan took me almost 10 years of searching. The amount of resources (time, money, away from my family, etc) is hard to calculate, however the lessons and time spent together with them is PRICELESS.

During my search I only met a few people who traveled the world and eventually meet each other just because of karma.

In my mind these people are the living proof that if you are passionate about something, there are no more borders.

In the picture there are 3 people (Yamao Sensei, Ciprian Sensei and myself), living of 3 different continents (Asia, Africa, North America), who eventually met in Romania, just to share their passion for karate!!!

 karate without borders