When I started Karate, we had a dojo with concrete floor, and our sweat mixed with the dust created a “special“ vibe, that I can never forget. It was nothing fancy, and we didn’t have any shiny uniforms. Most of us didn’t even have a uniform!

There were no tournaments, no medals and not even certificates. It was just hard work and dedication! At that time martial arts were not as available as they are today.

The training was rough, and you have to prove yourself every single class.

With all this, I just loved it and every class I showed up with the same joy and desire to improve. I was not one of the talented people in the group, however I compensated with passion.

I remember we used to hide ourselves so no one can see us, in order to practice our kata. Now, 30 years later, I still have the same joy, every time I step in the dojo.

Passion and the desire to improve is something you can really transfer from karate in whatever you do in your life.


The same kata we were practicing by ourselves, hidden in a forest, was now recorded as a demo for the 2016 Ashihara Karate World Championship. I guess we came a long way!