Most people are scared when they have to do sparring.
This is a normal and natural reaction, since you have all these questions are going through your mind:
– What if I get hurt?
– What if the opponent is bigger and stronger than me?
– What if I don’t remember how to move, block and counter?
Actually, the whole purpose of sparring is to get used with this situation and deal with it!

Imagine a big, strong guy swinging with full power at you.
Once you learn to manage this situation with a calm mind, there is nothing to be afraid anymore in life.
When you encounter a heated situation at work or any other environment, remember how calm you are when someone is swinging at you with full power in the dojo.
Everything will look much easier, and the goal is to transfer that calm mind in your everyday life.

For me sparring is more relaxation, and lately I try not think much about the techniques, just go with the flow and enjoy every moment of it.