We often ask ourselves what could or should have done in a certain moments of our life.
Was it better if I would have turned left or right? What if I could have done something different?
Maybe the result would have been better.

This constant wave of questions and uncertainty makes you forget the present moment.
It takes away your energy and most of all your level of happiness.

Students come and go into the dojo, and I often think what could have I done differently to keep them training. Each one of them has their own path and even I do my best to show them the way, they are responsible to walk on it by themselves. Lately, I have learned to just enjoy the present moment with each student or visitor in our dojo, and let karma do the rest.

An old quote from Miyamoto Musashi always comes to my mind: “see distant things as if they were close and take a distanced view of close things”.

Every student or visitor, who came to train in my dojo, is close to my heart, although now they might be on the other side of the world.
Shohei was one of the Japanese students who recently had to relocate. I appreciate all the time we learned from each other and his always smiling face.

Below you can see his progress, after only 6 months of training.