After a small but hard class, it was time to say goodbye to one of our black belts, who is going away.

We started training together 20 years ago and we became very good friends.

I used to travel together with him, Nicu Dascalu and Liviu Tabacaru across Europe, from Romania to Denmark in a small car, and at the end of a 2 day trip we would compete in the world tournament.

Life took both of us across the world and we started to train again in Canada, even though in the begging it was just on the beach or park.

He was the first to open my dojo’s door and I learned as much from him as he learned from me. Even after a long day at work, he would still show up to train!

His going away present was the first edition(1981) of Hideyuki Ashihara biography, courtesy of Nobuo San’s secret library.


I would definitely miss his low kicks and most of all his friendship.
Good luck to where ever the life takes you.

Gambatte kudasai, Marius San!